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ERP management software is one of the most demanded tools by companies worldwide. Today, we live in a digital environment that makes companies adopt measures and enter into a digital transformation in which the ERP system is essential to compete in the market.

Having ERP software in your company gives you a competitive advantage at all levels, since automating processes provides a better vision of the company, reduces management time and allows better decision making with a significant reduction in costs. In addition, with the implementation of an ERP system, the benefits increase and allows you to increase your portfolio of national and international clients.

To carry out an ERP management software implementation process, it is necessary to rely on a technology partner such as CEI Europe, as we have a deep know-how and a team of professional experts in ERP technology that accompanies customers throughout the process of digital transformation.

What is ERP software?

An ERP is a software that allows companies to have control of all the information generated in the management processes. Its acronym stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and refers to the information generated by all departments and business areas such as sales, finance, production, human resources, marketing, supply chain, etc.

The main objective of ERP software is to integrate departments and areas of the company under a single management tool. If in the past we had different programmes that carried out specific functions, nowadays using an ERP management system we can reduce all the management to one programme thanks to a centralised database that is updated and provides information in real time and that you can consult from any device.

Download a free trial version of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system.


Advantages provided by ERP management software

Get a 360º vision of your business in real time that allows you to anticipate strategic decisions.

erp software finance module

Finance and accounting management

real-time information with erp software

Real-time operations management

erp warehouse management software

Stock, inventory and warehouse management

erp automate processes

Automation of all processes

erp software for production

Management of the entire production with an ERP

erp system facilitates analysis

Easy access and analysis of information

erp management software for sales

ERP for purchasing and sales management

erp supply chain management

Supply chain management

erp management software for human resources

Human Resources Management (HRM)

integrated erp software

Data integration and centralisation

erp process management software

Business Intelligence Integration

erp software generates reports

Comprehensive reporting

erp project management system

Project management of all types of projects

erp software integrated with crm

Possibility to integrate CRM software

customise erp software

Personalisation of all content

Which companies need an ERP system?

ERP software works for all types of companies, from SMEs to large multinationals. These ERP systems have customisable modules that allow complete management and adapt to the size of the company. In addition, ERP management software is scalable, i.e. it adapts to the growth of the company without the need to change the ERP.

At CEI Europe, we have specific ERP management systems for different companies and sectors:

ERP software for different sectors:

erp management software for construction


erp management software for engineering


erp for service companies


erp solution for real estate

Real Estate

erp management solution for hotels


erp management software for airlines


erp system for airports and handling

Airports and Handling Services

erp management system for travel agencies

Travel Agencies

erp for theme parks

Theme Parks

Discover ERP software with the best technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) is the ERP software of reference today. It is an ERP management system for companies that facilitates all operational processes of the company and is characterised by being 100% customisable and scalable.

In addition to all the benefits of ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central puts all its potential at the service of the customer and allows you to consult all the data at any time and using any mobile device.

microsoft erp software

ERP software downloads and documentation

10 reasons to run your business with ERP

How do I know if I need ERP?

Why ERP for construction companies?

Frequently asked questions about ERP software

What is ERP software and what is it for?

ERP software is a management solution that allows complete control of all the operations of a company. An ERP management system integrates all departments and all their operations under the same software. Itorganises company information, improves communication between employees, optimises processes and facilitates decision-making.

What is the most comprehensive ERP software?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) is the ERP software with the most advanced and complete technology on the market. It has different modules to manage all business operations in a simple and visual way. This ERP system has many years of experience and implementations all over the world.

What does ERP management software include?

An ERP management software has different modules in order to integrate and automate all processes under one ERP software: supply chain management, information analysis, accounting, reporting, project management, stock and inventory management, human resources, etc.

What are the benefits of ERP management software?

There are many advantages provided by an ERP system: finance and accounting management, automation of all processes, purchase and sales management, data unification, project management, real-time queries, integration with Business Intelligence, stock management, easy access and analysis of information, report generation, customisation, scalability, etc.

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